Synopsis: "A family's worse fears are realized when their apartment is invaded in the middle of the night. While neither their lives nor their valuables are threatended, their would-be attackers provide a grim glimpse at how alone and helpless the family is when their entire hallway of neighbors did nothing to help them."

The video above is a short segment from scene two in our short film. The short film is currently in post-production and will hit film festivals during 2015. You can view the full list of cast and crew online through our IMDB page. Check out our cast and crew in action in our "Production Stills" section!

Technical Information

Provided by Panavision, American Hell was filmed on Super 16mm using the Arriflex 16 SR3 HS and VHS tape. Everything was filmed with only six 400' rolls of KODAK's VISION3 Color Negative Film 500T / 7219 and two standard grade Maxell VHS tapes. While having access to a full Zeiss Prime kit ranging from 9.5mm to 50mm, American Hell was primarily shot on a 12mm T1.3, 16mm T1.3, and 25mm T1.3. 

Normal film processing, cleaning, and prep were all done by CineFilm Labs and the digital transfer to ProRes-444 1080p was done by Crawford Media Services, all located in Atlanta, Georgia.  

The "American Hell" set was lit by ARRIMole RichardsonKino Flo, and a lot of practicals. Editing was accomplished through Final Cut Pro and Apple Color.

The feature film screenplay is currently open for potential investors and/or production companies to collaborate with and bring to life. If interested in reading the feature film screenplay, please email a request to Robert Bryce Milburn via "American Hell" is registered under the WGAe and all things related are copyrighted through the U.S. Copyright Office under Robert Bryce Milburn (2013-Present). The feature film was written by Nicholas Begnaud and created by Robert Bryce Milburn.